Granville Volunteer Fire Department

Proudly serving Granville and the surrounding communities since 1951.

Fire Department Meetings

Regular fire training occurs on the Second and Fourth Tuesdays each month, and EMS training on the first Tuesday each month. These meetings consist of about two hours of training on various topics.

Board Meetings occur on the Third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM where regular business of the department is conducted. Members of the department are not required to attend business meetings, but are encouraged to take part in the process.

Annual Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of October and include all members of the department. It is at this time that the officers of the department are elected for the coming year.

Brief History

The Granville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1951 with the aid of the Moss Glen Grange #554 which purchased the first portable pump, hose lines, and gloves all to be stationed at the Granville Bowl Mill. A second portable pump was soon purchased, and stationed in East Granville. It was not until the 70's when the first fire department vehicle was purchased, an old state body pick-up, which carried the portable pump and some basic equipment for small fires. This vehicle was housed in a small garage next to the Moss Glen Grange Hall for a short time.

Early on, the GVFD functioned with little financial support from the Town of Granville. Most funding was gathered from fundraising activities of the firefighters and their families. Today, the GVFD receives a regular appropriation from the Town of Granville to pay for operating expenses. Additional funding is obtained through fundraising efforts and grant writing to pay for new and replacement equipment.

Fire Protection Rating

In 2014, the GVFD initiated the first round of the "Chief's Fundraiser". The mailing is meant to be a way for the Fire Chief to explain directly to the tax payers of the Town of Granville what the needs are of the department, why the tax payer should take part in helping, and how they can make it happen. Funds raised though this annual mailing are set aside in the "Richard Eaton Memorial Fund" ear marked specifically for equipment purchases. Right now, our goal is to focus on equipment which will improve our fire suppression rating and reduce insurance premiums. The abbreviated list of larger equipment needs is provided below. We do make every effort to purchase used equipment when we can to cut costs.

Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan


Thermal Imaging Camera

More Fire Hydrant Locations

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are provided as they become available and reflect all business transacted in the organization.